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The best teamwork comes from men who are working independently toward one goal in unison.



MOHAMED SAMIR -Deputy Manager

SARAH AMIR - HR Specialist


KAREM KAMAL - Legal Affair

AYDA MAMDOH - Account Manager

AHMED HAMDY - Accountant

IBRAHEM REDA - Cost Engineer

NOURHAN ADEL - Technical Office

NADA ASHRAF - Technical Office

MAI MAHMOUD - Technical Office

AHMED ASSEM - Purshasing


RADWAN MOHSEN - Project Manger

AHMED RAMADAN - Site Engineer

MOHAMED ALAA - Site Engineer

MOHAMED ZAKI - Site Engineer

AHMED WLAA - Site Engineer

MOHAMED FATHY - Supervisor

OSMAN MOHAMED - Supervisor




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Site Engineer

1- Laising with subcontracts, architects, and other professionals, especially quantity surveyors and the overall project manager.


2- Checking technical designs and drawings for accuracy and to ensure that they are followed correctly. 


3- Supervising contracted staff, overseeing construction work and ensuring site progress meets agreed timescale.


4- Providing technical advice and solving problems on site.


5- Preparing site reports and logging progress.


6- Ensuring that health, safety, sustainability polices and legislation are adhered to.

Project Manager 

1- Plan and Develop the project idea. 


2- Create and lead site team.


3- Monitor project progress and set dealine for each step. 


4- Solve issues that arise.


5- Evaluate project performance.

Technical Office 

1- Study and review preliminary  designs, working drawings, and cost estimates related to project.


2- Prepare time schedule for executed work versus planned.


3- Preparation of follow-up report and its conformity with the time schedule.


4- Prepare work requisition for all required permanent materials and prepare material submittal and follow-up on the approval process.


5- Responsible for communicating with suppliers and contractors.


6- Ensure that the site is supplied with all documentation and materials needed to carry out the work.

Cost Control Engineer

1- Cost breakdown for project items to prepare BOQs with variable levels  for the execution stage.


2- Administers budget variance tracking for the project.


3- Review status of project change order and manage contract modification.


4- Review project cashflow reports with each project team.


5- Review new project budget and cost codes against estimates.


6- Development  of cash flows and providing that accounting department with necessary information for invoicing and accounting.

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